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    Everspring Enterprises Group, Ltd.USA (EEGUSA) established in 1995, is an international investment, trading & consulting company and comphrehensive economic enterprise integrating in industry, trade & technology, combining of investment, financing & consulting, diversifying operations of different business. It is headquartered in Washington DC while other branch offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston and Canada, and China offices in Beijing, shanghai, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia, Shenyang and Chengdu. It is divided into Four Departments: Import-export Trading Dept., Investment & Financing Dept., Engineering Dept., International Exchange Dept. EEGUSA aims at adhering strictly to the Laws of the United State of America and International Laws; based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, friendly cooperation & fair trading; keeping commitment & contract to build up its credits with first class services; establishing relations & business links with all the companies world wide; jointly developing international market.
    Beijing Everspring JXY Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (EJXY) established in 1998 in Beijing, PRC, is a US-China joint-venture shareholding company by Everspring Enterprises Group, Ltd.USA. It is US-China hi-tech, patented medical manufacturer of serial products, and US Agent with hi-tech, unique and patented product serials in research, developing, production, marketing and consulting services. As original inventor and China major medical sector, EJXY mainly focuses on and covers the fields & professions of Computerized MF Electrotherapy Instrument/ China Therapy Instrument ( TENS / Acu-Massager) with its brand of "Everspring" and all kinds of Rehabilitration equipment serials; medical treatment equipment serials; diagnosis instrument; test & lab equipment; and other items. As US Agent & Distributor, EJXY also provides imported hi-tech medical product serials such as US CT & tube serials, MRI, SLT Laser Operation serials, Oral X-Ray Monitor & Camera serials, multi-function blood test monitor, and Chattnooga Group Inc. product serials including ultrasound, electrotherapy, BioFeedback/Compression Therapy, Hot & Cold Therapy, Exercise & Training, Pillows, Continuous Passive Motion, Treatment Table, Traction, Measurement & Evaluation etc.
    "Everspring"computerized MF Electrotherapy Instrument/ China Therapy Instrument (TENS) serials and other medical serials are officialy registered, patented with both China and USA authorities required. As a leader in the fields, we are becoming world first class, West & East combing, unique and international brands by introducing US technology & mamagement, standardised production. Thereafterthen, we are promoting more hi-tech medical serial products of new generation so as to meet market demands.
    We sincerely welcome all the companies, organizations, sectors and enterprises to joint us to facilitate all-direction international exchages, create common wealth, and make new promotion for the quality of human being.

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